If you were to liken exploring abandoned places to treasure hunting, Italy might be one of the most intriguing places to check out. This article is about the abandoned villa of Nicola Pellati in Italy.

The country is home to many old villages, many distressed or forgotten, as people consistently push onward to the major cities. As a result, churches, homes, hospitals, mansions, and buildings are still sitting there, serving as a reminder of the olden days and as an intriguing playground for urban explorers. One such place is located in Strevi, a town in the northern Italian region known as “Piemonte.” This charming villa was built in the early 1600s when it served as the private residence of a prominent local bishop. It was later acquired by the family of Nicola Pellati, an architect and geologist who was among the most respected luminaries in his field during the 1800s.

Nicola Pellati

To this day, the abandoned villa still shows many signs of its previous owners and their lives. Ornaments and paintings are still scattered all over the place, as are chairs, benches, and other furniture. Personal items, old scratchy vinyl records, and even kitchenware are still on the premises. Even the bed frames are still there and in fairly good shape, considering the neglect that has been afflicting this property for decades. The most impressive part is perhaps the library, which is still fully stocked with a huge number of books, academic tomes, and archival documents. Even personal correspondence, family portraits, and old mementos from the lives of the previous occupants throughout the ages are still there. Another highlight happens to be a room filled with geological samples. As mentioned earlier, Nicola Pellati was a prominent name in the field, so his home housed many interesting specimens of stones, minerals, and crystals, among other artifacts.

The villa

The villa’s architecture reflects the elegance of its era, with intricate detailing and grandeur still evident in its dilapidated state. Despite nature’s attempt to reclaim it, the villa’s allure remains intact, beckoning visitors to explore its hidden corners and unravel its secrets. Each room tells a story, whispering echoes of the past and inviting contemplation of the lives once lived within its walls. With efforts to preserve its legacy underway, the villa stands as a poignant reminder of Italy’s rich cultural heritage.


While the current owners have not been proactive about turning things around, there is still hope for the future, as this building is protected by the government due to its cultural and historical value. Local activists are pushing for the villa to turn into a museum or cultural center in relation to 19th-century science and academia, thus also honoring Pellati’s heritage. In some cases, abandoned places are but faint traces of what they used to be. On other occasions, they’re like time capsules. This villa certainly appears to belong to the second category, as it makes explorers feel like time just suddenly stopped there. Some of the items even appear to have been left behind hastily, raising many questions as to what prompted the owners to abandon such a stunning residence and even leave some of the exquisite interior pieces behind.

This was a permission visit that was made possible thanks to the current owner of the building. If you’d like to visit and photograph this building, please contact me for the contact details.

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