About Me

Photography is not just a hobby to me.
Capturing the right moment, mood and emotion, looking for that perfect composition.
It’s a passion – my passion.


Roman Robroek

Urban Photographer


Roman Robroek is a professional photographer from The Netherlands. He has a particular fondness for urban photography and has traveled worldwide to explore unique places filled with history, memories, and beauty. Whenever Roman would visit a new destination, he would often find himself looking into abandoned homes, empty buildings, and urban decay.

These topics deeply fascinate him, especially because of all the unanswered questions and the mystery they hold. There is beauty in things that are forgotten, and taking a closer look can be an incredible way to get to learn more about the world around us, and how things change with time as history unfolds.

Using a technique that relies solely on natural light, Roman is able to offer very realistic and immersive images, portraying interior and exterior subjects in their specific environment, as opposed to staging a set. As an adventure-driven photographer, Roman enjoys the experience of being there, exploring the premises, while also avoiding bringing so much focus on himself, allowing the buildings, monuments, and places he photographs to be the true protagonists of his shots.

Besides offering various selected prints of some of his photographs, Roman also published a book. He collected his favorite shots and stories in a new book, Oblivion. This stunning hard-cover publication details some of his most exciting discoveries throughout the world and shares his passionate take and genuine curiosity with the audience.

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