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The Adventure of Taking the Bird Cage Photo

This is a photo of a huge birdcage in a room of a large abandoned medical complex. The photo itself might not be very spectacular, but the adventure of making it surely was.
When we got to the location we parked our car on a safe spot, walked for a bit and saw a fence we could climb over. Once at the fence and seeing the spikes on top it seemed challenging but still doable. We carefully waited till no one seemed to be around and got over it (with quite the trouble). Step one complete; we were on the terrain.
As soon as we were over the fence we searched for a safe spot to oversee the terrain and look on our map. One member of the group went out to scout and see if it was safe to continue our way. He quickly came back telling us to move since he was spotted. We left for a safer hiding spot till it felt safe to continue. We found a new route that was safer and walked towards our target. Step two complete; we found a safe route.
After walking for a few minutes we were spotted by someone that was walking around with an iPad in his hand. He walked towards us and there was no one to go. Was this it? Did we have to leave now? When the guy was near us he asked if we were part of the film-crew. We had no idea what was going on, and said no. He was friendly and walked towards another group that was apparently making music in a different building, since they were dragging guitars and other equipment inside. So right; what was going on here?
urban urbex crew shot
Shot of the awesome crew that day.
We slowly started to get the idea that we could walk around freely on the terrain and nobody would even notice us. So here we are, three guys and one girl walking around like ninja’s doing their best not to get spotted while they could walk around freely and no one would even bother. It must have been great for the others to see us walk around.
When we arrived at the building to photograph a video clip was being recorded inside and we waited for them to finish. We were free to enter afterwards so we had a look around the terrain and found out that it was being used for several purposes. We saw other photographers, the security guy smiled at us, there were people preparing to play airsoft in one of the buildings and guys making music here and there.

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