To date, there have been multiple popular and historical personalities that have made their name with some unique talent and artistic skills in the world. Whether it’s music, painting, or their different idealistic thoughts that made them stand out in this world – we have plenty of such names to look up to forever. Among these names, one such popular and highly appreciated singer and actress in Lebanon is Fairuz.

Now, exploring human history and their struggles and success stories is always motivating and intriguing for individuals’, making them personally do more in life. However, that’s not all to learn and get motivated when it comes to the famous Lebanese singer Fairuz.

Instead, the story of this singer’s struggle, her life’s history, and her childhood house, which is now an abandoned place that once witnessed Fairuz’s early years of life, is a tale more than the ordinary. In my journey of photographing everything historical and beautiful, I witnessed the abandoned house of the famous Lebanese singer Fairuz and her life journey full of struggles and multiple achievements that balanced her struggles.

Here’s everything I explored about this famous and mesmerizing singer and her abandoned house.

Current Status of the Abandoned House of Fairuz in Beirut, Lebanon

With Fairuz being a famous Lebanese singer and doyenne of musical theater, she has long been everyone’s favorite and most idealized singer in Lebanon. Although, the praises for Fairuz’s beautiful and successful journey with consistent hard work isn’t hidden from anyone in Lebanon, her childhood house may be the only aspect of her journey that is distant from the public to explore.

During my journey of exploring this abandoned home, I found its situation on plots 565 and 567 of the Zkak al-Blat real estate area in Beirut. While this home was constructed years back; and had witnessed old beauty and architecture as a one-of-a-kind detail, the aging reduced its beauty overall. Today, Fairuz’s childhood home witness’s heavy decay, filled with trash and protected by the military. With this property being old and historical, it’s consistent aging still portrays Fairuz’s name and spirit, as this abandoned home has once been a crucial part of her life.

Unfortunately, the abandoned house of Fairuz in Beirut, Lebanon, isn’t allowed to witness the visits of locals and trailers without proper military permission.

About Fairuz

While the abandoned childhood home of Fairuz in Beirut is a beautiful historical location that speaks for itself, the life history and journey of Fairuz are also promising in their own way. Fairuz, also known and spelled as Fairouz, Feyrouz, or Fayrouz, had served as the most famous Lebanese singer and one of the leading vocalists in the history of the Arab world.

Today, as Fairuz is considered the musical icon and is popular to be the ‘the soul of Lebanon’, it is certainly the fruit of her years-long effort and struggles in making a name in her musical career.

The Beginning of Her Career

Fairuz’s journey began as a teenager while working at the national radio station in Lebanon. She worked there during the late 1940s as a chorus member. Afterward, her journey as a singer started with the release of her first major hit, “Itab,” in 1952. Since this song made her an instant star, Fairuz was able to witness her first live performance in the summer of 1957, where she received the award as the honor of “Cavalier”.

Her Achievements and Success

After winning the Cavalier award as the highest medal for artistic achievement by the Lebanese president, it opened doors for Fariuz’s fame and success throughout the Arab world. As a result, she created and performed multiple hit songs and won the hearts of the Arabic people at an early stage of her career.

Sooner in this successful journey, Fairuz was able to achieve multiple recognition and awards for her hard work and focus on creating melodious Arabic music that stayed with people in their hearts.

The Successful Journey of Fairuz and Her Abandoned Home

Today, as we witness Fairuz’s career spanning over six decades and holding nearly 1500 songs in it, there’s no doubt that this Lebanese singer has lived one legendary life. With that much success, hard work, and magic spreading over millions of hearts, there’s no doubt that Fairuz’s abandoned home is a great place to speak of the beginning of her tale that words may never be enough for.

Two more photos of the abandoned house of Fairuz in Beirut, Lebanon: