Abkhazia or Apkhazeti is the official Republic of Abkhazia and is a partially recognized state in the South Caucasus. This state is recognized by most of the countries as a part of Georgia. In Georgia, this region is recognized as an autonomous republic. Not many people are familiar with Abkhazia and its existence due to the lack of popularity of this country. However, the ordinary travelers of the country are familiar with its beauty and the relatively safe environment it promotes. I photographed abandoned buildings in Abkhazia.

All in all, there’s no doubt saying that this ‘land of the soul’ is all about nature, sea and architecture – for any new or ordinary traveler. Now it may sound like a risk taken, especially when Abkhazia is near Georgia. However, if you look into the beautiful places and historical locations in Abkhazia, you will find it a more interesting country than many other tourist and traveler spots globally. Considering this, I also decided to experience a trip to the land of soul in Abkhazia. So without further ado, let’s explore more about it and everything I explored there below.

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The History and Present:

My visit to Abkhazia wasn’t just a random traveling experience to a new and unpopular country that existed for limited people today. Instead, it was more about exploring the history of places that spread peace and safety for every visitor’s soul, ensuring that each holds a particular part of its history within.

Now, if you’re wondering what the history of Abkhazia may be, it’s not just a country known by few today. Instead, the written history of this soulful place begins during the coming of Milesian Greeks in the coastal Colchis. This is the time of the 6th-5th centuries BC, when the Milesian Greeks found their maritime colonies in Abkhazia. This was located along the eastern shore of the Black Sea. At that time, Sukhumi served as a vital principal center of trade in this country. Apart from that, various locations in Abkhazia are still present there as a cherishing representation of its history that has kept this city alive and soulful for ages.

The Tourist Spots and Abandoned Areas:

The bad thing about being in a country that has been long present in the world but still fails to exist for many is its lack of ability to keep its cherishing historical spots maintained. With that being said, even Abkhazia has had many beautiful spots that turned into abandoned areas that were ‘once a part of history’. As much as it was sad to encounter, I found this beautiful and soulful country to hold each of its tourist spots and abandoned areas firmly in a way that each represents a story of its own – with some being untold. I explored numerous spots in Abkhazia and photographed abandoned buildings; from the lovely city of Gagra to the abandoned Sukhumi’s Parliament Building, and much more. Here are a few of the areas I photographed, each speaking about its tale in unexpressed words.


With so much coming from a non-existing country in the South Caucasus, it’s hard to consider Abkhazia as anything but an epitome of history and soulful beauty. Visiting this country was an experience that helped me explore the history, security, and a pleasing environment in a way that can’t be expressed in words. Yet again, with a place like Abkhazia being less identified globally, it’s interesting to visit there and witness the tales it speaks of the history and the present!