Raw: Hypercube.

Quite often I get asked if I edit my photos or if they come like this out of the camera. While for some it may look very obvious, for some it isn’t. Well, I surely do edit all of my photos. None of the photos I share come straight out of the camera the way you see them. Most of the time when I’m shooting a location I take 7 shots for each photo. At home I either combine those 7 shots into 1 photo or I edit a single shot (depending on light and windows).

Hypercube_bThe ‘Hypercube’ photo consists out of 7 shots which I have combined into 1. The original photo, without any editting, is the one on the left (click to enlarge). As you can see it contains a lot of graffity which was a pain to remove. I could have ignored it but I simply liked it a lot more without it. Next to that I focussed on the middle by making the middle lighter and the surrounding darker. Finally I tried to make the image a lot warmer and make it live.

I’ll be sharing more ‘making-of’ shots where you can see the original photo and the editted photo. If you have any questions or comments make sure to share your thoughts at the bottom of this post.

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