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I walked for around 30 minutes in the flaming heat to reach this beautiful staircase in an abandoned Italian farmhouse.

Balcony with Sea View

This beautiful house was built in the 19th century and is one of the oldest houses in Ras Beirut, Lebanon.


This is a beautiful abandoned control room built in art-deco style. One of a kind.


This is a photograph of a veranda that's attached to an abandoned villa in an Italian town. Loved the colors and details in here. It stil...

Dusty Car

This is a photo of a dusty Porsche car that I found left behind in the garage of an old house.


A spiral staircase found in abandoned wool factory in Belgium.

Coffin Bath

Photographed this coffin bath in the attic of an abandoned Italian castle.

Piano in the Dust

The original building was built in the 13th century, but in the 17th century the palace was expanded and transformed into a residency.


Photograph of the library in the abandoned villa of Nicola Pellati in Italy.

Bechara el Khoury

This is a photo that I've taken inside of the Bechara el Khoury Palace in Beirut, Lebanon. The palace that was built in the 19th century.