eurlings interieursA couple of months ago I was invited by Maud Eurlings from Eurlings Interieurs, which focusses on interiors and furniture, to shoot their abandoned workspace due to their celebration of 101 years existence. The workspace was abandoned for many years and formerly used by the original owner of the business. This man used to create and repair several kinds of furniture in this garage-ish workspace. Unfortunately the man passed away and family took over the business.  It’s been a family business ever since.

eurlings interieursBecause the business exists for 101 years they decided to celebrate and invite artists to photograph the workspace. They will host an anniversary exhibition and the works of the artist that have visited the workspace will be shown and sold here.

I was surprised by the state the machinery looked to be in, which was very good. This was a perfect place for a photographer like me with a passion for this subject. Dust, decay, objects and silence.


The photos I have made during my visit are shown below:

eurlings interieurs

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