This article covers my exploration of the abandoned Bedugul Taman hotel. Bali is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations within the Indonesian archipelago. It is a charming holiday spot for beach lovers, but it has a lot more to offer. Its blend of ancestral traditions, history, culture, and society is truly awe-inspiring. Some people have even compared Bali to a living museum, a lost island paradise that’s still, at least partly, preserved like a time capsule tied to a fascinating past steeped in ancient traditions and mythology.

From ancient ruins to forgotten temples hidden in the thick tropical jungle, Bali is also an amazing place for adventurers looking to explore abandoned sights. While temples and ancient relics are an incredible sight to behold, there’s no need to travel so far back in time for some great finds. The abandoned hotel known as “The Ghost Palace of Bali” is a perfect example. Formerly the Bedugul Taman hotel, this abandoned building used to be a beacon of elegance and luxury in the area.

The Bedugul Taman hotel

Once a luxurious resort in Bedugul, the Bedugul Taman hotel suddenly fell into decline. Though guarded and off-limits, daring visitors can gain entry with a small – let’s call it – “entrance fee” to janitors or guards at the site. The hotel’s history reveals a dark past associated with its demise. The business was one of the many endeavors of Tommy Suharto, who happened to be the son of Indonesia’s President at the time. Suharto faced scandal and conviction due to a multi-million-dollar land scam. He went into hiding and even plotted the assassination of the judge who sentenced him before eventually spending his sentence in a luxury retreat.

Today, the remnants of the Bedugul Taman hotel are largely swallowed by vegetation as nature continues to creep in. To add to the scandalous past of the hotel’s previous owner, the site is also known for its supposed ghost sightings. The hotel is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of workers who died tragically during its construction. The empty halls and deserted rooms certainly give off a very creepy aura, in tune with the ghost stories and supernatural tales reported by many people who visited this abandoned site in Bali.

Current situation

The current site shows several levels of decay. The front of the hotel is not as run-down, since there seems to be sporadic maintenance going on. However, the back is almost completely overgrown. The inner rooms and halls are also in various states of degradation. It is interesting to see just how big the hotel was. Some rooms were quite small, while others were spacious and luxurious.

The Bedugul Taman hotel must have been an ambitious project and quite ahead of its time, as it is still possible to see some groundbreaking technological features, such as electronic key swipers and door pads. Some of the toilets still have robes and supplies in them! Still, careful observers might notice that some of the hotel’s features aren’t decayed but were never fully completed in the first place. For instance, many fittings and finishes have seemingly been left undone, adding to the mystery behind the hotel’s quick demise and the timeline of how it all happened.

Today, many visitors interested in the supernatural hope to catch a ghostly glimpse at the hotel site. Others, simply interested in exploring the abandoned area, hope to be able to wander the rooms and other features. This is an interesting sight, especially considering how important tourism is in the area. Hotels are often seen as prominent businesses in Bali, so having such a high-profile hotel business live out for decades as an abandoned ruin is unusual for the area.

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