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Roman Robroek
October 13, 2019
Photographing Forgotten Towns in Abkhazia

Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience photographing an abandoned airport in Abkhazia. In this blog I would like to take you with me on my journey photographing several abandoned towns...

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Roman Robroek
December 17, 2016
15 Photos of Abandoned Living Rooms in Decay

This has been a great week for me. A few days ago I received the awesome news that one of my photos has been selected for the final of the Art of Building - 2016 contest. The winner will be...

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Roman Robroek
April 14, 2016
Visiting The Abandoned Casino of Constanța

Once this was the most glorious building of Romania but since 1990 it's been abandoned and slowly but surely falling apart. The building is now listed as a historic monument by...

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