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Wallpaper Decoration with a Photo of Mine and More

The Dutch company KEMBIT in Wijnandsrade recently bought one of my pictures on wallpaper print for their recently renovated office (see header image). The picture is called ‘Offiziere‘ which I’ve shot in 2014 in an abandoned military complex in Germany. Printing on wallpaper is something I rarely do but the effect is amazing, especially on a wall this wide (over 5m). If you’re also interested in buying any of my photos on printed material check out this page and contact me to discuss details and availability.

The Plus Paper did an interview with my which they’ve published on their website. The interview is called ‘Architecture’s Hottest Messes’ and I’ll be answering a few tips, background information and photography related questions – along with some photos. Check the interview out on their website by clicking here.

A Dutch magazine which focusses on everything that’s related to Germany, and is called ‘Duitsland Magazine’ (which is Dutch for ‘Germany Magazine’), has also shared a few photos and an interview with me in their latest edition. You can buy this edition online by clicking here or read a short preview in the pictures shared in this post. The magazine is written in Dutch.

It always makes me very happy and proud to see my photos printed, wether it’s on a magazine, on wallpaper or in a frame.







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