abandoned car

Wonderful Vehicles are Reduced to Rust

abandoned carThese photos show Europe’s abandoned cars that have been left to rot in fields, garages, and storage units across the continent. The once-grand Rolls Royces, Ferraris, and Ford Mustangs have succumbed to dust and rust while vines and creepers have clamped around and reclaimed those left out in the open.

The photos have been taken anywhere between 2012 and 2016 (which is why some of the pictures have a better point of view then others, I learned to take better photographs along the way). Some of the cars you see in the pictures have probably already been removed. They were either stashed in the garage of an abandoned house, open in a field or in a random garden.

abandoned car

abandoned carOne trip was harder to make than the other. I remember that when taking one of these pictures back in 2013 I climbed over a wall that was so unstable it nearly fell over when I crossed it. When taking another picture I was aware that the place was checked by guards from time to time so I was in a hurry and doing my best not to get spotted. Another one was taken in a storage unit that was owned by not the ‘nicest kind of people’ which made me feel uncomfortable running around here.

abandoned carI’m a big fan of abandoned cars and I get very excited when I see one. I’m not sure why I get excited, but I think it’s because of the value some of these cars have or used to have which makes me feel like it’s special. Some of these cars are probably worth a fortune to a collector.

I hope you like this set. I’ll be sharing more sets focussing on a specific theme from time to time. If you have a theme that interests you please let me know.

Below you can find a couple more photos of abandoned beauties:

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